Love for the Olive Greens

hey hey hey…

Too much of excitement! isn’t it?

That’s because this post is related to something that

‘s rooted deep in me. Since winter has just begun , I have been on a lookout for those soft, comfy , cute and slouchy jumpers ,sweaters and jackets to keep me warm and cozy. These searches always land me at either Zara , H&M ,Forever 21 and many more such stores. Now coming to the actual point ,there is this trend that I noticed…

Its raining OLIVE GREEN everywhere. Be it crop-tops, joggers ,t-shirts, sweaters ,pants, utility jackets ,dresses , even accessories. You name it and they have it in OG’s( as the fauji’s call it). Being an Army officer’s daughter and grand-daughter , I can just never have enough of this color. This color has recently become trendy and popular, but for me , this was a basic in my color palette since my birth.

Olive Green has the ability to make you look cool and casual or even glamorous, effortlessly. Today it has become a part of the basics color wheel.

Seeing it everywhere just made me think , why not I style it my way and share it with everyone. So here it is guys…



An Olive Green crop-top with same colored high waist pants. To break the monotony I have taken a white shirt dress as a cover up and black ankle boots. And just to add my touch I embellished the shirt dress with black and purple feather clip that had been lying around for quite sometime now. Even then i could have enough of the OG that I added a DIY OG colored lace choker, and not to forget matching purple lipstick .

Enjoy the OG’s , because once you have it , you just can’t get over it, as this is the perfect season to chose from a wide variety and plenty of options!!!


Till next time XOXO’, ‘Love for the Olive Greens

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