The white kurta reimagined ( Part 2)

It’s the blazing hot weather out there. The sun just doesn’t want to take it easy on us, rises early, sets late, making it unbearable. We can’t  or don’t want to go out, why? because its oven-like outside. I swear I feel like chicken inside a tandoor when I do dare to go out. And on top of all that heat, what’s more, we need to cover ourselves, not to get tanned or sunburned. Thanks to the amazing cotton to come to our rescue always. What can be better than a light, cotton, embroidered white kurta?

But wearing it normally, the traditional way it was supposed to be worn, can get boring and also when you want to wear it often. It’s like that savior, that you turn to when you don’t have anything to wear or have a desi vibe going on and sometimes you wear it just because it’s easy to wear!

So, in this post, I bring two more ways to take that plain white kurta a notch higher and to have fun with it. Here they are…

Embroidered Crop top

There are loads and loads of designs of tops in white color, with crochet work or embroidery, in sheer or semi-sheer material, crop tops, boho tops, peasant tops , problem !there is just so much variety. But wait, there is just one problem! They are just a little on the higher price range! OK, not little but a lot. And that just doesn’t help when you are a student with pocket money or someone on a budget. Obviously that’s not  the only thing that you are going to buy.

Here is when you turn to the white kurta. Just roll the front and the back till the waist and then tie ends on one side. And you have your own white crochet crop top for no cost at all. I have styled it with a peachish orange colored maxi skirt, silver earrings , rings and a necklace , a DIY denim sling bag ,  golden frames , brown flats. Completed the look with braided hair and pink lipstick.




Short Kurta

As you can see that there’s a boho thing going on in the post, so, for the second look I kept it super simpler and fun. Just tucked the kurta a little from the waist into my bandeau top, top make it into a short kurta. Styled with my denim shorts, light brown boots, DIY choker, my favorite silver rings, random bracelets and braided my hair with a feather clip and I was done with the look.


Outfit Details:

Look 1:

Skirt- Ali express
Bag- DIY
Jewelry – street shopping
Sunglasses- missamore clothing

Look 2:

choker- DIY
Boots – Qupid (Myntra)
Jewelry – street shopping


That’s it for today! I hope you found this helpful. Let me know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, @thegypsysoul_shruti .

Sayonara ,

Till next time XOXO

Picture credits: Mom and Anumit Sharma (@ajustelife_photography)