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Hi Guys!As much as I love styling pieces from my wardrobe in different ways and putting them together to form a whole new outfit, there are days when I just don’t feel it! When I’m too lazy or just plain bored of my clothes ( I hope that I’m not the only one). On those days I just want to wear something totally unfamiliar , new and fresh . But don’t want to go shopping or spending as I don’t want to pile up my cupboard. So, recently i came across this amazing online renting site called Liberent . I found it to be the perfect solution. On days when you want to try on a new style or are busy to shop anything new for an occasion or want to check if a particular style would suit you or not. Just try without burning a hole in your pocket.

When I came across this concept I was overjoyed and felt like a child with a new toy  :p. This Idea had to be shared and planned this collaboration with The Liberent. They have a huge variety and styles and designs of pieces for every possible occasion , be it party, brunch, office, sangeet. From formals to traditional they have it all.When you are bored of wearing clothes from your wardrobe, and don’t want to buy new clothes, the perfect solution is to rent out the style you like


As my first try I chose this beautiful baby pink lace dress with a beautifully cut back without exposing too much. I love how the hands are elbow length and sheer with the intricate design of the lace clearly visible. I paired this dress with my white sneakers to give it a semi casual touch as the dress was already dressy. For accessories , dint go overboard just added a brown leather handbag and let the dress do the talking. Finally , was ready to go out for a Sunday brunch with my parents.


How would you style this dress?

Outfits details:

Dress – The Liberent

shoes – New Look

Bag – Mom’s closet

Sayonara ,

Till next time XOXO

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