The spontaneous trip to Pondicherry

Hi guys!

So this is about my recent trip to Pondicherry .Its all started with me and Shivali sitting late at night in my room doing absolutely nothing(random internet surfing is not counted right ? ).What would somebody expect us to be doing? Watching a movie, gossiping, online window shopping or planning where to go out to eat tomorrow… naah! Too boring for us.I had just mentioned that my best friend stays in Chennai and someday if we plan to go to Pondicherry we could meet him, and that’s when our super bright minds lit up like a light bulb.Even before we could contemplate a plan, our tickets were booked and then there was no looking back, we were to be in Pondicherry that same weekend.

We reached Chennai on 18th sept at 0400 hrs, kept our luggage at home and headed straight to have dosas and idlis for breakfast.Then we headed to the Beasant nagar beach, “beasy” as they call it. Damn , I had missed it so much.One of the best things about the trip was that we had our vehicle and the new ECR road to Pondicherry is just spectacular, full of beautiful green canopies, blocking the direct sunlight. The cloud cover that day was just arresting.

On the first day we reached Pondicherry in the afternoon around 2 and we were super hungry , so decided to check out this well known place called “Cafe des arts” in white town, which is the french quarter area. As soon as you enter this part of the city , you can see a lot of people ,foreigners on bicycles ,or they strolled along the tree linesboulevards. It was as if an elegant french country town had been transported to the Bay of Bengal.We had our lunch and headed straight to the Rock beach. Me being a water baby could literally sit there for hours at a stretch.We came at night and just chilled at the beach till late and there the day ended..

We started our second day with pizzas that we had “Cafe Xtasi”(brunch). Then , we being girls that we are headed to shop a little and that was that. Next destinations on the list were church “Immaculate Conception Cathedral” and “The Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus”. We were too engrossed in the aura and peace around to have taken much pictures. Finally , I don\’t know we landed at rock beach again. And the day ended with pizzas at “Tantos”.

On the third and the last day we were supposed to head back.On our way back we stopped at Auroville beach for about two hours. The the view was so spectacular and breathtaking to have left any sooner, even after knowing that we were getting late.
For the last day i wore this cute little tie-dye dress that i bought from Pondicherry itself that too just for Rs 250 and layered necklace from Forever21.
So that was the end to our two and a half day out of the
blue Pondicherry trip ? 🙂