Cape or Dress

Hi Guys! How are you all doing?

Everyday I stare at my closet full of clothes but still can\’t find anything to wear.Either there are too many casual clothes,
too many formals, dresses and the list is never ending! After all of this, to top it up we have our fashion magazines to show us that we are lagging behind in
keeping up up with the current trends.


And so we end up shopping online for new clothes , adding up to the already existing list of “so many clothes ,but
nothing to wear”. Now, we’ve bought clothes, then comes the question of wearing them according to the occasion. Obviously one can not wear a floral skater dress or a text printed t- shirt for a business meeting ,so again we buy clothes . It’s like a never ending loop.\n\nI am sure you all must have gone through this.I’m no exception , actually a regular!! But buying can’t always be the solution, right? This time I decided to really cleanup my wardrobe and categorize all my
That was the plan, but to tell you the truth just couldn’t reach to the end of it. All because of a beautiful vintage, printed long dress that I found, lying in a deep dark corner, I don’t even know for how long.With this came the idea of styling it in two different ways.

LOOK – 1 “The Dress”

The first one is more elegant,pretty and chic. Complimented with gold jewelry , side swept hair and boots.
Being a day time, brunch , tea party or a get together look.


LOOK -2 “The Cape”

For the second look I used the same dress with undone buttons with a little black dress inside. Paired it up with silver jewelry , stone locket and bold lipstick.

Inspired from the gypsy in me ?

Just this one dress transforms the way I look only by changing one aspect .Isn’t style all about that? Reinventing, exploring and showcasing who we really are or want to be seen! Instead of just accepting what the world throws at us through all the trends.\n\nAt the end of the day clothes are just an expression of what we are and feel.

So go and dig in to your closets and I’m sure you’ll find something amazing just lying there waiting for you to notice.

Long Dress – Colaba Causeway (Mumbai)

LBD – Forever21(Myntra)

Jewelry – Forever21

Boots – Qupid (Myntra)
Lipstick – violet delight( Maybelline) and naughty nude ( Nykaa)

Sayonara ,

Till next time XOXO

credits : Sharath Nair