Goa Travelogue , Day 2 & 3

This one’s a continuation to the earlier Goa post (which you can find here if you haven’t read it yet) . The day had not ended yet! So after a very tasty and filling lunch we came back to the room , chilled a little . By this time the sunset was just around the corner , but we were again hungry so we headed straight to this cute little place called the Mango Shade , its so small and secluded that you wont be able to find it if you don’t know about. For a landmark , you have the German bakery just beside it. And the only reason we went all the way there was for their Mango shake and the cold coffee (my favorite!!!!). Also it closes at 4 in the evening (just so when you guys wanna visit). No , I’m not done yet , after all of this we went to this Gelato place called Mr. Gelato . They are the best in what they do! They have some of the most amazing flavors you could try and they are all made in house right there. And they keep on adding new flavors , so probably the next time you go you’ll find a whole new set of flavors to treat your taste buds with!!!

Next on the list was , watching the sunset and for that we chose to go to Purple Martini in Anjuna. Personally ,I couldn’t have chosen a better place for watching the sunset. I guess the pictures say it all.

And then we have Dinner! It might sound insane , but we went all the way from Mapusa to Arambol just to have our dinner at this place called La plage . Now, we had gone there for the food but after reaching I just wasn’t interested in the food anymore. I was so in love with the ambiance  ,I could have stayed there all night ,only if they would let me (Unfortunately it closes at 12!) . And the ambiance wasn’t enough  for me to love the place , that they have a dessert platter called ‘Chocolate Thali’ (Yup, that’s a thing guys!) . All the chocolate lovers out there ,this is gonna be the most satisfying thing  for your taste-buds , you have to try it to know what I’m talking about.

After such a tasty dinner we weren’t ready to head back yet. That’s when we decided to just walk around the main Arambol beach and just enjoy the night beside the ocean waves. Finally somewhere around  2  is when we  went back to our rooms. That is what I would call a good night.

Day 3

After such an amazing day yesterday you would say what can be better? and I would say ,start of the day at Eva Cafe!!! The road to this place just doesn’t do any justice to it. The whole way before reaching here ,we were so doubtful if we were on the right path or even if this place existed . But obviously, we were proven wrong for all the beautiful reasons . This place in the middle of somewhere in Anjuna just feels unreal. It’s one of those effortlessly pretty yet fancy places , the ones that you see in pictures and movies. Totally Instagram worthy!! And they aren’t just about their food (which was yum!!) and ambiance but also there  choice of music , for which I just have one word and that’s ‘Perfect’!!!  


We stayed there till noon and the breakfast time had been stretched till almost after lunch . Now we just had half a day left in Goa but I still had one more thing on the list that had to be done. And that was seeing old Goa , actually the Portuguese architecture which is very prevalent in  Panjim (capital of Goa) , which not many people know about and which doesn’t get much attention and credit for its beauty. But I had read a lot about it and me being a sucker for pretty and unique architecture had to go see it. The thing that we dint realize was , we dint have much time left with us and that it would take us quite a lot of time to reach Panjim from where we were. But after reaching there we only had enough time to eat quickly and go back , so sight seeing is on the list for next time!!!

So for food we went to this restaurant called ‘Mum’s Kitchen‘ , they are  a Goan cuisine restaurant . And whats special about them is that there whole menu is that the “MOTHERS” from different parts of Goa have contributed and helped them compile it. I am not at all exaggerating when I say this that the food was extremely tasty and delightful . I would have ordered a lot more but then we had time constraint and space in out tummies constraint!




So that was it at this place ,and it was our last spot in Goa. We went back packed and left to catch our buses back to where we came from!! We all just dint want to end our trip  , but we had to go only to come back real soon!!!

That’s all for today guys . Hope you all liked reading about my trip to Goa and it helped you  pick some spots for your next trip to Goa. If you haven’t read the first part of this blog you can read it here .


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